03 October 2010

One Night Without A Sleep! D:

ohayou minna-san... ogenki?
uh... today..., nothing happens yet, lol.

*yawn~~* uh... =_=
I did it once again...
o..pls. I can't keep this as a habit!
or else, it will kill me.
but, i can't stop myself from being a night person! seriously!
This frighten me a lot.

yea, last night, is a night without any sleep for me.
never copy this bad habit. :P
if you want to try, try it at your own risk. muahahahahaha! lol.
but being a night person still have it's advantages you know.
Read Here if you want to know more. ^^

p/s: urm...can i become a vampire...? :3

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