23 October 2010

It's On Air~~! Yey! xD

konbanwa minna-san! :D
mood: happy but sleepy...
current wish: wanna meet my friend. :'(

yey! I just bought a hair straightener and a hair dryer! nyahaha! xP
it's been a long time. lol.
I want these things but mother keep on giving me an excuse! huh...
but now, I have got what I want. ^^

o, I forgot. about the title. hehe...
it's not a big news. but, it is a big news for us anime lovers! x)
Togainu no Chi's anime is on air!!! hahaha!
actually, maybe this is kinda late for me to post about this.
but, better late than never right? :P

for those who don't know what is this Togainu no Chi is all about, let me explain it here.
okay, *ehem ehem* it's an anime. lol. but originally came from a BL game. that's all. ahaks! xD

The characters:
from left: Akira, Keisuke, Shiki
from left: Rin, Motomi, Nano
Arbitro, and Kau (er... he's a dog. >_<")
Kiriwar, n Gunji. (they're called as "executioner")

ahahaha! that's the characters. >:D
I know, some of it looks weird. but don't ask me why does it looks like that. go and ask the creator. (>_<)
erm... what else?
o! you can watch this anime on animecrazy.net if you're intrested.
the 3rd episode is already out but still don't have any subs yet. just wait for it.
I can't wait to watch it! get it subbed asap plz!!! Dx

uh... what else?
nothing i guess. ('-')
okay, that's all!

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