03 October 2010

So Sleepy~~~ (=^=)

I wanna sleep~~~
but I can't.
I'm gonna go to a kenduri kahwin after zuhur.
really, I hate this kenduri kendara!
I don't know why but maybe it's just that, I hate crowded places!
full of people here and there, urgh!
I hate to go to this kind of places! T^T
isk2. *sobs*

hm...it's quite boring right now.
I've nothing to do but to search for all of the Alice Nine songs to download
(sorry, Alice Nine! I can't buy your albums because there's none of them in any of DVD shops near my place! and I don't know how to buy it online and I also don't have any credit card. T^T. I'm sorry for not supporting all of you!!! I'm feeling so guilty! T-T)
I'm so unlucky!

oh, and before I forgot, I wanna suggest to all of the first timer Visual Kei (VK)/J-rock lover to hear to Alice Nine's songs.
because, some of their songs are just soft and not so hard to be heard to.
something like The Beautiful Name, Fantasy, Atmosphere, Eraser, and Cosmic World should fit your "soft heart" (whatever they call it lol). xD
If you love something fun, you should heard to their song Shunkashuuto, and Blue Planet.
watch it's PV too and you'll know how fun was these songs was. Shunkashuuto is a fun school life. Blue Planet is just so fun! but, ignore the pink rabbit girl, lol.
I'm just suggesting you some of their songs not all. because, there's still so many of them and it will kills me to list all of them in here. >.<

erk. what am I babbling about?? >.<
my English is so terrible!!! I'm gonna fix it from time to time.
sorry for the terrible English. T^T

I gotta go now! see ya!\
bye2! ^^

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