17 September 2010

Alice Nine

About Alice Nine
Alice Nine was formed in the year of 2004. With their splendid and sophisticated visuals, as much as with their songs, which feature a certain kind of outstanding light in their melodies, they immediately grabbed a lot of attention within the scene, broadening sales and the number of people they mobilized.
In 2006 they released their album “絶景色 / ZEKKEISHOKU” - it is an unimaginable first release with a high degree of perfection. It quickly became a new sensation along with their break-through. While being highly active in releasing singles, their 2nd album “Alpha” ranked in the 6th spot of the weekly album charts. Ever since, the released tracks are a regular in the charts and all records have been entering the rankings within the Top 10. In January 2009 the band released the 3rd album “VANDALIZE”, where they pursued a colorful, high-quality sound, also showing their aim for all future masterpieces of theirs.
As they are looking towards their 5th Anniversary since their formation, the band changed its name to “Alice Nine” on June 1st in 2009, while also going on their first Japan-wide hall-one-man tour. This was concluded with a tour final at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A.
In 2010 Alice Nine are going on their longest tour within their band history, playing 30 lives in 27 places. The finish of the tour is scheduled for January 6th in 2011 with the bands first solo performance at Nippon Budokan.

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 Introducing the band members...:

Shou (V)    Saga(B)
Tora (G)   Hiroto (G)
Nao (D)

Musical Style
Alice Nine's musical style can mainly be described as rock, with touches of metal, and a few instances of dance music. Their works range diversely, including heavier songs that were more prevalent in their early career, emotional ballads and medium tempo songs, and the lighter rock sound marked with more melodic instrumentation and synthesizers that is present on their 2007 album, Alpha. Like some other Visual Kei bands, as they progressed through the years, the band experimented and released songs that focus more on the mainstream public.

The band's appearance and shift from a heavy visual kei look also took place over the length of their career. In early work, Alice Nine's clothing in promotional footage and live concerts was a sort of stylized take on traditional Japanese clothing, along with moderate makeup, piercings, and bright hair colors such as red and pale blonde. However, in 2006, the look began to fade out and essentially disappeared the year after, having been replaced with leather and the onset of street fashion. Music videos for "Blue Planet" and "Gekkou Yoku" show off a relaxed and casual look, while videos such as those for "Cosmic World" and "Rainbows" are examples of forays into street fashion.

Studio albums
[2006.04.26] Zekkeishoku (Vivid Scenery of Colors)
[2007.11.28] Alpha
[2009.01.14] Vandalize

Extended plays
[2004.11.17] Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru (The Gion Temple's Bells Toll)
[2005.11.23] Kasou Musou Shi (Flower Fancying Dream Fancying Paper)

Compilation albums
[2010.03.24] Alice Nine Complete Collection 2006-2009

[2004.07.05] Namae wa, Mada Nai (I Don't Yet Have a Name)
[2005.03.30] Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi (Silver Moon, Black Star)
[2005.04.27] Yami ni Chiru Sakura (Cherry Blossoms Scattered in the Darkness)
[2005.05.25] Yuri wa Aoku Saite (Lilies Bloom Palely)
[2006.01.25] Kowloon Nine Heads Rodeo Show (Nine Dragons)
[2006.02.22] FANTASY
[2006.02.22] Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier (Dawn/Several Million Chandeliers)
[2006.10.04] Blue Planet
[2006.10.04] Number Six
[2007.03.21] Jewels
[2007.06.06] White Prayer
[2007.10.24] Tsubasa
[2008.03.26] Mirror Ball
[2008.08.06] Rainbows
[2008.12.10] Cross Game
[2009.08.05] Hana
[2010.08.25] Senkou
[2010.11.10] Stargazer

Home video
[2006.01.12] Alice in Wonderfilm
[2006.xx.xx] Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005
[2006.10.04] Number Six
[2007.01.24] Hello, Dear Numbers
[2007.07.10] Kachoufuugetsu Vol.2
[2007.07.11] Royal Straight Flash
[2007.09.03] Royal Straight Kingdom
[2008.07.02] Alice in Pictures I
[2008.07.02] Alice in Pictures II
[2008.10.29] Discotheque play like "A" Rainbows -enter&exit-
[2009.04.15] PSCompany 10th Anniversary Peace & Smile Carnival
[2009.11.11] UNTITLED VANDAL(ism)#Finale [Graced The Beautiful Day]

[2007.04.28] "Dive into the Sun" (photo book)
[2007.12.25] "Shiny Summer X'mas 2007" (photo book)
[2008.02.29] "Alpha" (band score and tablature)
[2008.03.27] "Zekkeishoku" (band score and tablature)
[2008.09.13] "alice nine. first piano collection" (piano solo tablature)
[2009.]"[Untitled Vandali(ism)#1]"
[2009.]"[Untitled Vandali(ism)#2]"
[2009.07.07] "Vandalize" (band score and tablature)
[2009.08.24] "Piece of 5ive Elements 'The Book' ~Alice Nine 5th~"

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This is first VK band that I love when i know about VK for the first time! :3
Alice Nine is ♥


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