30 September 2010

Korean Drama. :D

konnichiwa minna-san! :D
today is about Korean dramas.

nothing much actually. i was just getting bored of doing nothing.
and ear's hurt! my right ear. >~<
this headphone makes it hurts a lot. wuu... T^T
but I love this headphone.

urm... yea, back to the topic,
now I'm currently watching this Korean drama called "You're Beautiful".
maybe all of you guys have already watch it right?
huhu... I really want to watch it before, but i have to finish up watching Bloody Monday (BM) first.

I really love this drama because it's kinda funny.
somehow i really love to watch a Korean drama which has a gender-bender genre in it.
this drama reminds me of "Coffee Prince".
but, well, what i hate about this genre is, something that will happen after they knew the truth about this boy actually is a girl.
It's so sad. and it almost gives me a heart-attack. lol.

uh... erk! ok, gotta stop this shit!
wanna concentrate on this drama.
jaa! bye2!

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