04 September 2010

My Hair!!! xD

ohayou minna!!! :D
today is a normal day, it's not like I've faced today yet. >.<
it's still early in the morning and my head hurt so much!
gonna sleep after this. yea, yesterday i slept at 2:00a.m.++ (x_x)

Why did I slept so late?? because....!
I'm doing my hair. xD
there's no time in the day so I'm doing it at night.
and at last, I've succeed! VK hair?? huhu... not so.
but it looks like Shou's hair a bit. :D
a very cute pic of him~~ >w<
I'm not talking about the dog okay! but it's cute too.
but not as cute as my Shou~~ XD

yea, my hair looks like that.
and I'm starting to act in front of the mirror lol! xD
I'm so in love!!! haha!
oooo...~~ My new hair~~ Love you~~ (^3^)

haha! I took the pictures of myself but it doesn't in a very good angle lorh..
so sad with it. ;___;
but, never mind! I love my hair now~~ xD

but I wanna make my hair just like Miyavi.
you know, If you watch "Oresama".
it's kinda like...
like this. maybe the pic doesn't show so much but,
I love this style! :D
really want it! but... there's not much time left lol.
I guess, I just don't want to enter the college on 19 sept!
I wanna go with my friend!!! >n<
and at least i can get a new haircut... ^^
uh... T-T

oh, and I'm just a girl who wanted a new hairstyle lol. xD
ok, thats all for now.
sore jaa! :D

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