23 September 2010

FAILED!!!!!!!! T___T

konnichi..konbanwa, minna-san. (trying to imitate Shou-san's greeting. lol. but failed....)

ignore the greeting. >_>
I'm not talking about the failed greeting here.

huh...hurm... HUH! >_<"
just now, I cut my hair some more. the bangs are still too long. so i cut it again.
hm...I've succeed on that.
the failed thing was, after I cut my hair, I'm trying to dye it.
the color is..., erm... wait, I'm using Shurah's hair dye. the color is classic red. :\

but... the result...was so disappointing. T___T
not the hair dye fault. but my fault. huh.
not all the part that I've highlighted was dyed. only some of it. and it's so messy! "(>n<)"
I hate it. tomorrow, for sure, I will go to the salon! repair my hair color again!

uhuk. what am I typing?? there's so many mistakes huh? i don't care. I'm so sad.

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