15 September 2010

Color Your World With SuG! :D

"what was SuG thing was that?? a new brand of paints?? OnO"
NOPE. that's not a brand for paints lol. xD

it's a visual kei group and of course from Japan. :)
i really love the concept of this band. so colorful.
see? :D
this is taken when they're doing a photoshoot for their song, Love Scream Party.
so cute!!! xD

oh, now I'll introduce the band mambers.
Takeru (Vocal)            Masato (Guitar)
Yuji (Guitar)             Chiyu (Bass)
Shinpei (Drums)
*stares at he's headphone. OnO I want it too!*

"SuG is a Japanese rock band that formed in 2006. a part of visual kei movement of Japan. The band has released two EPs, two full-length studio albums, and several singles. Until 2009, the band was signed to "Indie PSC", a subdivision of PS Company. As of 2010, they have signed onto a major label, Pony Canyon, and joined the forefront of major bands on PS Company.

The band's tagline in promotional work is Heavy Positive Rock."

Albums and EPs
I Scream Party (19 December 2007)
N0iz Star (14 May 2008)
Punkitsch (3 September 2008)
Tokyo Muzical Hotel (9 March 2010)

Scheat (1 August 2007)
Yumegiwa Downer (2 September 2007)
Alterna. (5 September 2007)
Tricolour Color (3 December 2008)
39GalaxyZ (15 April 2009)
Life♥2Die (14 October 2009)
Pink Masquerade (18 November 2009)
Gr8 Story (27 January 2010)
Koakuma Sparkling (30 June 2010)
R.P.G.~Rockin' Playing Game (1 September 2010)

Cannonball Vol. 3 (2 February 2007)

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