30 September 2010

When I Was So Sad...

ohayou minna-san... it's 5:40a.m. though.
watever. wanna sleep back after Subuh. ;)

hm... according to the topic...,
yea, when i was so sad, there's no one can make me happy.
but, I always found that, these guys always makes me happy.
they always makes me laugh.
they always brings me a happy moment.
I never cried when i watch them.
who are they?
 Alice Nine (A9)
The Gazette

yea, they always makes me happy. :D
they always cast my sadness away.
I really love them.
I wanna meet with them.
but, I don't wanna meet them as a fangirl. (this may annoy them lol)
I wanna meet them in the backstage.
I wanna be their stylist.
or, as their photographer...

Oh no. I'm started to dreaming again.
wake me up pls...? *n*
no! wait! never wake me up from these dreams...
I wanna stay dreaming about them.
haha! xD
I'm crazy.

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