26 September 2010

Once Again.

I didn't mean to post something so bad.
erm... I just wanna tell you guys about my feelings.
I just can't express it through words.
so, the only way is, to write them down.
that's my way of letting all of the tensions out of my mind.
but still, i hate it when he ask me to take a course that i really hate.
when i was thinking about that, it makes me wanna scream.
I hold myself for now. still trying to hold myself.
I don't know what will happen to me if i can't hold myself anymore.
maybe... i will commit suicide? nah! I don't want that!
hm... okay, I'll stop here. My heart's still burning right now.
so, I guess, I'll stop talking about this.
jaa, minna. hontou ni gomennasai. baibai.

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