26 September 2010

I'm Sorry.

*cough* erm... haik. etto... konnichiwa minna.
ogenkidesuka? ore wa genkidesu.

actually, yea, I'm sorry for those who have read all of my post especially yesterday's red colored posts.
I'm really mad. I hate to think that there's still a father who really likes to conquer his daughter's decision even though she's already an 18-yr's old girl. i hate that. and i hate him. sorry to say that but, i really regret myself to have that kind of father. sorry. but that's my feeling.
i can't forgive him. i hate him from the beginning of my life.
he said he loves me but what the hell is he doing to me right now?
he tries to stop myself from achieving my ambition.
he's the worse! I hate him. i wanna leave this house a.s.a.p but, i can't.
he's the worse!

sorry, once again. maybe i won't be smiling in front of anybody right now until i heal myself.
i love my friends. i love myself. i love all of my gadgets and other stuffs. but it's hard for me to love my parents right now.
maybe he does have this feeling yesterday, "wth with this girl? I've already help her and she's doesn't look into my eyes and didn't even smile at once? she didn't even say thank you!".
i guess, that's what in his mind. sorry, but i hate you for now. wait until I've cured myself then i can smile as much as i want in front of you guys.

i was thinking of something. i wanna be wild. can I?
what's the point of being nice but everybody tries to step on your head? it's useless!
i hate myself when I was thinking about this.
that's all. there's much more thing that i wanted to say but, this is enough.

sorry. that's all for now.
sorry once again. bye.

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