21 September 2010

I cut it again~~ xD

yuhooo! hehe. xD
konnichiwa minna-san. i was kinda bored right now.
so i decided to write on my report. lol. haha!

yeah! it's so fun to cut things right? ahahahaha! *evil laugh*
yea, i cut my hand. xD
no, just joking. :P
i cut my hair. and now, i've been charged for RM0! hehe.
of course, i cut it by myself. xP

as you know ( or maybe don't know :P ) my bangs are just too long that i can't see a thing. huhu.
that's why, last night ( remember, i'm a night person. doing things at night is my hobby. >:D ) i cut my hair.
not just the bangs but also upper part of my hair. err... i mean, the hair at the upper part of my head. >:P
i mean, "pendek dari atas dan makin panjang ke bawah"
wth... xD
whatever! ahahahahahaha!!!
i know, my English wasn't so good. but i'm trying to improve it.
ok, out of topic. :P

hm... but i guess, i wanna cut it again. it doesn't look good enough.
but i'm sleepy. ahaks! wanna go to sleep~~~

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