20 September 2010


Help me pls? :'(

Mika nk mintak tlg sgt2 dgn crafters sume yg mungkin tau ttg bnde ni.
bnde tu adlh Polymer Clay.
x kira la jnis ape. Fimo ke, Sculpey ke, Cernit or Premo.
or nk lbih jelas, Mika bg contoh.
biase tgk x? D:
adakah anda sume tahu di mana Mika boleh cari bnde ni? >n<
i mean, tell me the address to the suppliers blog. I really need these things.
only in blogger. and of course, Malaysian bloggers. 

help me? pls pls pls pls pls.......?
thank you.

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