03 April 2011

Again... YunJae Anti's... =_=

*sigh* hm... =_=
I'm getting tired over all of these arguments!
Anti's just can't stay quiet huh?
they even call us, YunJae lovers 'DELUSIONAL'
hellooo~ c'mon... we don't even bother you to believe in them but why do you have to bother US???
if you want to believe it or not, it's up to you.
but please don't disturb us, the believers!

and some of them said something like, "hey, Jaejoong even says that his parents want him to get married faster and they even ask for a grandchild!"
ehem. but Junsu have said something like "Jaejoong’s dad asked him if he has a girlfriend, and because he said that he didn’t, then forget about the girl, just bring me the grandchild first".
what does it mean huh? his Dad says something like that.
you're free to think like whatever you want but pls, don't disturb YunJae lovers.

and geez... we are DELUSIONAL???
how many more evidences that you need to believe in them???
"owh, that was just a coincidence you know!"
and how many coincidences that YunJae needs???
there's tons of COINCIDENCES!
How can that be just a COINCIDENCE???

But to me, if they wanna be with whoever that they,
it's up to them and we, their fans, will always support them.
no matter what happen, we will keep on believe in them.

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