26 April 2011


And she ask me to ask my mom to drag me off from Youtube. lolol. XDD
well... haters gonna hate. but i love my hater. *winks*
they're cute n funny when they tried to fight me back.
lol. A true Cassies won't give up and get angry so easily.
we use good and soft words instead of saying something like, "FUCK OFF BITCH!" or "SHUT YOU SHITTY MOUTH UP!" or "GO TO HELL, YOU DUMBASS!". nope. i won't.
in the end, she's really out of her words to fight me back.
she can only said something short n simple. n she's calling me a DUMBO? lololol!!! XD
well, i wonder if she's talking about herself? :P
i love it when she ask me to retreat but in the end, she's the one who gave up first.
because she's dumb and lack of ideas on how to fight us, the YunJae lovers.

i can only laugh at her. XD

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