27 April 2011

Haters are my New Entertainer~ XD

well, i tell you what, i have a hater in Youtube.
well, she's a hater to YunJae n JYJ too.
she said that she's a CASSIE. but for the true Cassie, she's nothing but a TRASH.
how dare a true Cassie hates JYJ but only love HoMin?
and don't she feels ashame of herself when she said that?
i bet that she doesn't know that Cassiopeia was made up by these 5 beautiful singers.
Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin n Yunho.
that's it. it's 5. not 2, or 3. but 5.
even though there's 5 of them, but their heart is 1.
that means, hating 1 or 2 of them, and you will be considered as hating all of them.

haish... haters this days...
when she ends up doesn't know what to say anymore, she used bad words.
cursing on us, the True Cassies n also JYJ. and she still considered herself as a Cassie?
lol. she's funny! i told you, she's seriously funny! XD
she called me a dummy, but she's the true dummy~ she just never realize it.
cute isn't she? lolol.
haters are my new entertainers right now~ XD
when they're gone, my life is empty. ahahaks!!

but i feel really sad that she didn't respect her favorite artist's wishes. (well, she said that she loves HoMin *sigh*)
Yunho said that "no matter how far we're separated (HoMin n JYJ), we'll come back together one day".
but this girl, who called herself a 'fan' doesn't respect Yunho's wishes.
poor HoMin for having this kind of 'fan'.

but, no worries.
the true Cassiopeians will always respect the boys' wishes!
we will never let them down! we love them! all of them 5!

Cassiopeia, fighting!
DB5K, fighting!

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