09 April 2011

Bye2 Blogger... hiks.

I feel sorry for my blogger lately...
i've been abandoning it for a long time just for TUMBLR.
well..., i have least friends there but all of them are just the same as me.
i mean, we have the same interest.
in Blogger... hm... maybe my interest are the reason why people hate me.
i'm sorry folks. but this is just me and myself life.
i won't blame anyone.
feeling upset? haha! no~ of course i'm not. don't worry too much.
i have other places that i can go in this so-called-world-wide-web.
so, i don't have to worry. :)
oh yea, and.. i love Yaoi. so, i support YunJae.
wanna bash me? leave me? go on.
i won't be effected. because there's thousands of my friends out there called Cassiopeia are just the same as me.
we love DBSK, we believe in them while other people called us delusional.
we don't care what other people say. delusional? crazy?? mentally disorder???
who cares ne? Cassiopeians are strong enough to fight all of those bad impression that been thrown to us.
and I always said that HATERS are just like ONE against THOUSANDS or MILLIONS or TRILLIONS of LOVERS.
so, we Cassies just don't have to worry. if one of the Cassie nearly fell down, thousands of other Cassies will come and help until that Cassie stood up again no matter how hard it is.
because we believe that, DBSK will always be with us. they trust us. they love us.
we don't need anything else other than that.

now i'm blabbering too long ne? just want to send some reminders to the haters out there.
i don't mean any harm. :)
jaa, Blogger. maybe i will be back here if i have the time and mood.

wanna know my activities? just go to my TUMBLR account. thanks.

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