05 April 2011

My Entry : Triple Hottie. o.o

hello guys.
what cha doin'?
i was thinking about writing a fanfic since last month.
but i end up doing nothing since i was so busy editing my blogger layout, for about 3-4 days straight! nonstop! phewh. >.<
and i'm satisfied with it more than everrrr! XD

owh, and i've just checked my blog stats. i checked the post stats.
and actually, i was a bit surprised that my entry titled Triple Hottie was so *cough*FAMOUS*cough*. >///<
not that *cough*famous*cough* la...
but still, i'm kinda shocked!!! >A<

and when i Google search the word 'triple hottie', the link was on the rank number 4!!!
and i was like, "O___O OMG! Seriously???" lol.
i was thinking that..."owh, so people really love to search for the words 'triple hottie' ne?
haha! i don't know but... yea, that's what i think. >.<

i'm not trying to show off right here.
i'm just sharing something that i found interesting or shocked to me.
and this, it is SHOCKING to the infamous me. so, pls don't throw shits on me.
have mercy... *puppy eyes*
i know, people out there are much more famous than me.

who am i anyway? haish. emo. lol! XD

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