06 April 2011


And so, eventually, we realized that we can’t trust anybody else but the boys. I feel betrayed, for I had trusted Avex to protect the boys… But I guess I was too naive.

My heart hurts thinking about what these guys have done to deserve all these. Why is the world so cruel to them? What wrong have they done? Just as things were looking bright from outside, the ugly truth from beneath got exposed. And I really can’t believe that all along, I was really thinking that things were moving in a positive direction. It has been really hard on the guys. They just want to do what they enjoy doing most… They just want to sing and perform, liberated from all the binding contract clauses that hinder them. And all along, they’ve been trying so hard, too hard, to the extent that just to fulfil their promises to us fans, they gritted their teeth and did what the agency asked them to do although the terms of contract are unfair, only to get this kind of treatment. This is absolutely too much for them to bear.

We always call them Gods, but they’re like us too… Human beings, with flesh and blood, and emotions. It’s too much on their mental health.I just want them to stop for a while. Rest. Forget for the time being.

And because of this, I find myself wanting to love them even more now… Because eventually, nobody is going to be on our boys’ sides, other than us.

To the boys… Have you grown skeptical of the real world? It’s alright if you have. But just remember that, when others abandoned you, played you around, CASSIOPEIA IS WITH YOU. We’ll be the ones which you can put your trust in. We’ll go through this together. BE STRONG. Such beautiful voices musn’t remain silent. You guys MUST sing on. Hold on. Overturn the ugliness in this industry. Beautify it. Come back stronger than ever, and show those who treated you like some play thing that you’re capable of doing things yourself.

Remember that you’re never far from home, this pearl red ocean. We will always be your sanctuary. #BeStrongTVXQ


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