19 April 2011

To My Beloved Blog Visitors... I'm sorry.

firstly, i wanna say thanks for coming to my blog.
i really appreciate it. even though you didn't leave any comments on any of my posts, but still, i am happy. thanks once again.
i always check my Shoutbox. i love it when people keep on leaving their traces in my shoutbox.

but please, as an owner of my own dear beloved blog, i really hate to see any kind of ads like "please come and see what I'm selling", and all of that.
I'm sorry but, i don't like it. more over if it was about babies/kids clothes.
I'm sorry once again but, i don't like it.
and once again, I'm sorry but it's annoying.

I am truly sorry if any of you feels kinda... hurt with this message.
but please. please at least, respect me as this blog owner ne?
I'm sorry. you can hate me. but don't annoy me.

I'm sorry once again.

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