07 April 2011

Me, Mom, and DB5K

I'm watching TV with my mom just now.

me: *keep on switching the channels from cooking to music*

mom: don't have the bands that you like?

me: hm... nah. wait for a bit longer. there must be.

*waiting for about 3 or 5 mins*

me: *switching to music channel and there's Yunho!* OMG!!! asdfghjkl!!! DBSK!!! (;A;)

(p/s: yea, it's the DB5K. Jae is still with his raven black hair)

mom: owh, the one that you mentioned and show me before? you like which one? that one? *pointing to Yunho*

me: all actually but yep!!! ;___; and that one too!! *pointing to Jae* (Yea... a YunJae minded me)

mom: owh... he's married right?

me: WHAT??!! MOM! if he's married, than I'll die in front of my laptop for a long time ago! >A<!

mom: oops. my mistake.

(okay, i forgot about this at that time. yes, he's married. to YUNHO. ahaks!)

hehe... this is what happened to me just a while ago. XD
my mom's really understands me so well~
glad that my appa is already asleep. =_=

  • Music: DBSK - Survivor (i was addicted to this one. XD)
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  • Drink: Water
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