08 April 2011


aaaaahh!!!!! it's been a long time!!!
hello there!!! i miss my blog so much but i just found a new thing to post in here~!!
ahaks! don't worry. this won't be a K-pop entry.
this will be a J-rock entry! XD
i just knew about this band. credit goes to Edohsama
and thanks to Edohsama because making me totally shocked with this band!

okay!!!! let's check it out!!! XD

lots of PINK ne...? o___o
hehe... oops. sorry guys.
but they're women MEN.
ahahahahaha!!! XD

  • Music: HoMin(TVXQ) - MAXIMUM
  • Food: Rice + fried fish raw. :9
  • Drink: Water
  • Location: my room. .___.

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