11 April 2011

Yesterday was a Heart Breaking Time. =.=

don't ask me why. because i will not tell you about it in detail.
but enough if i just say that, watching Yunho doing photoshoot with another woman, pergh.... makes me go all around my room screaming silently (because it's 1:00a.m at that time) like a crazy girl. =.=
i can never think about that. don't wanna think about that.
it makes me sad too. because he's doing it while Jaejoong was so far from him.
okay, as i said, I am a HARDCORE YunJae lover. so, deal with it. =_=

i don't know what will happen to him IF Jaejoong was with him at that time.
dang it! i hate those women. posing happily with Yunho and Minnie.

grrrrr....!!!! GAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
i don't need anything else. ;____;

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