19 April 2011

No Words Can Describe Their Love...

it's been a very long time ne?
i was on TUMBLR for too long until i was so tired from reblogging posts in there. >.< then, i changed to Twitter, and Youtube. in Twitter, i just knew that HeavensWine (HW) has uploaded a new YunJae vid!

there's some notes from HW too...:

@mjjeje's birthday message to Yunho {through his iple account}

"I wanted to ask (someone). Why I was lost in the woods... Why I followed such difficult love... Why I could not find such happiness in my life... Now I know.. That I'm happy to have someone who understands me and cares about me..."

To: Yunho

Are you tired recently? My Yunho, whenever I see your fatigue body, I think the reason you became the leader is because you have to tolerate all the hardship. I want to help shoulder some burden but am always unable to. Yunho, there would not be me if not for you. My other half, Yunho, I love you.

From: Kim Jae Joong

(Jaejoong's letter to TVXQ members)

is that not enough to show that YunJae are seriously, REAL?!
i was wondering why haters keep on bashing us, the YunJae lovers. they keep on saying that we're delusional.
but one of the haters changed his/her point of view and had a comment posted too:
I must confess. Until a while ago, I always believed YunJae fans are just being delusional. But after watching this, screw it. I thought, for the very first time, 'Oh no! YunJae must be real.'

I'm not saying that I'm a fan now but I want to apologize to all YunJae fans for thinking you're all crazy delusional beings, selfish and scared beings who does not pay attention to TVXQ as a whole, who cares only about YunJae.

Now, I realize, I must be the one not paying attention the whole time. Sorry.
To this person, all of YunJae fans will love you too like we love our friends.

anybody wanna deny this? is there? come out here! we have to face each other like a real girl! lol. okay, i'm not kidding. *stares* and of course, pulling each other's hair is not my thing.
ugh! just forget about it already!

i'm not gonna say so much. to YunJae lovers, enjoy!
and i've said this before,
we may have the same eyes that can see.
but we can never have the same heart that can feel
so haters, say what you want to say, waste your energy, your voice, your time, and your everything, but we will never change our mind about YunJae.
because YunJae is REAL. we see it with our eyes. and we also feel it with our heart. :)

YunJae lovers,
Always Keep The Faith!

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