21 February 2011

Aku, Dia & Vintage Photo Contest!

hello guys/girls~! how do you do?
glad that you're fine. hm... it's been a very long time since i last entered a contest made by dear bloggers.
and now, i was tagged by Miss Bunneh to enter this vintage photo contest.

hm... i won't deny that i really love photography, and it's one of my hobby. but sadly, i don't have an actual camera like DSLR or digital camera that everybody use. sad huh? huhu. i only use my phone camera. T^T
okay, stop blabbering, Mika! get on to the contest!

for more details of this contest, just click the picture above. ^^

I have followed this blog, of course.
and.. i would like to tag... Sis NanaSenyum-Senyum n Heartfilia.

closing date is... 25 February.
hurm... i don't really have such a pretty pictures for this contest actually.
but, i'll try my best. hope that it's okay to enter with pictures that doesn't have me in it. (>.<")
kay, let's get started!

my first picture. haha. it's about fungus. :P
it's focus on the big fungus and small fungus on a blue wood plank.
it's rare for me to find this view. i'm glad i found it! (^w^)

my second picture... overly done i guess? o_o;
erm... whatever! i don't care. haha!
i love this picture so much because it looks really old. i mean the view.
it's kinda nostalgic to me. :D

and... this is the last picture. it's really precious to me.
it reminds me of the last day for us, the seniors at school.
i miss my school time so much. :')

okay! that's it! 3 pictures for this contest! :D
i don't know whether those pictures considered as vintage or not.
but, whatever. huhuahua. XD

"you can stop the time with your camera"
-inspired by my beloved uncle-

jaa ne!

4 Cassies' Talking:

kamarukom said...

tenkiu 4 joining my contest!! ;)
gudlak ye ^o^

MikaVKlover said...


~ NANA ~ said...

gud luck mika!!!

waaaa kak nana tak gheti pasal2 gambo ni...kekeke

MikaVKlover said...

@k.nana: thanks, kak!
cube jew. gmbr2 Mika pun bukannye cntik pun. huhu... gmbr2 k.nana lg cntik. but just try your luck ma... >w<

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