23 February 2011

Happy Birthday To ME~!

me: haha... i wish i can celebrate my birthday with them. XD
you: DREAM ON!
me: (;_;) cruel...

HAHA! am i crazy or what? wishing my own self a happy birthday??? XD
well, yea. today is my birthday. and now... I'm a 19-year old girl~! lol.
wow! unbelievable! lol. XD
yesterday, i was so sad about something. i cried a lot. no. not just yesterday, i mean, from the end of 2010 until now, i cried so much! i couldn't bare it anymore.
my heart hurts a lot, torn apart, bleed so much! but, i try to keep on believing n hold my feelings.
yesterday, yea, i felt really sad and i cried once again.
but then....
thanks to my best friend for wishing me a happy birthday on FB... huhu...
she wish me a happy birthday on 12:00a.m. i'm so happy! thank you girl~! *muahx*
She really made my day. love you~ huhu... ^^

4 Cassies' Talking:

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ^^

Unknown said...

hehe... thankchuu~ (>w<)

Hanna Dean said...

aaaaaaaaaa mika punya besday!!! >.< hepi belated besday mikaaa!!!

Unknown said...

lol. huhu... thank you... ^^

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