11 February 2011


i can't hold my feelings anymore.

let me cry now. so that i will never cry again on that day.
the day where the memories will be created once again.
the day where love will be spread once again.
the day where we could celebrate it together.
the day, where we will be together, forever and ever.
the day where we could see those happiness in your eyes once again.
the day where we could share the pain together again.
the day where we could cry together once again.
let me know when the day has come.
because i don't want to live in past time forever.
although the memories of the past always makes me smiled and forgot about today,
but I can't forget about it like there's nothing happened.
the tears will fall, the tears of missing you.
we will keep on waiting for you.
keep on supporting you from behind.
we won't stop no matter what happen.
because we believe in you.
because we will always keep the faith.

please come back soon.

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