19 February 2011

Happy Belated Birthday To You~ :)

although this is kinda sad. but, you know, i will still support both of them and three of them even though they're not in the same group anymore (they will be together again someday! AKTF!) i'm will never got to see them celebrating their birthday with other members anymore... *cries*
but, whatever it is, i will always wish all of you the best for your life. :')
so, what i want to wish at here is...

Happy Belated Birthday to dear, Changmin oppa.
i wish you all the best!
i will keep on supporting you and Yunho oppa. and also JYJ.
if there's some fans who keep on mocking and blaming you and Yunho oppa, remember, there's still so many fans out there that will support both of you and also JYJ.
because we believe, HoMin and JYJ will be in one group again someday...
all we need now is, the FAITH.
!Always Keep The Faith!

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