24 February 2011

wow...I Never Knew...

did you know what band is this? it doesn't looks like a Japanese band. and yea. it's not.
haha! i better take back the words that i said i won't be in love with any English songs. :P
okay! the band name is Late Night Alumni. and i really love their songs. it's much more better than any other English songs out there. it's soft, and also sound kinda...erm... mysterious? love it! you gotta try listen to it! it's great! i'm not lying!
haha! thanks to Michelle Phan who use their music in her make-up videos. i heard to it and i fall in love straight away with this band's songs.
their songs like "beautiful", "sun comes out too soon", "rainy days", n "eros" are the first songs i heard for the first time i knew about them and i really love all of them! :D
i think...you should try listen to them! they're great! i mean the songs. (>w<) want to know more about them? search by yourself! don't be so lazy! lol... :P that's all for now i guess. ^^ jaa~!

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