10 February 2011

May I?

may I be on HIATUS once again?

i don't have any mood to write or post anything lately.
i just can't bear this feeling anymore.
it hurts! I really wanted to rip off my heart from my chest!
take a knife, and stab it as many time as i want!
why does it gave me such a big impact???
it even forces me to search for a fortune teller (online)!
and i got some stupid answers from them! i won't believe it of course!
please let me forget about this feeling? please?
how? may i cast a spell on them? so that i will be happy again?
no. don't be stupid. it won't work!
maybe i should write a poem now.
i have to. it's the only way now.
may i have a guitar? i want it.
uh whatever. i'm getting confused now.

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