03 February 2011

I Still Demanding For A Guitar!

hello everyone...
Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of the people who celebrate it. :)
hope that this year is the best year for all of you.
i love rabbits! (/>3<)/~♥

hm... I still can't forget about that 'lucky' kid.
it's still a good thing that i didn't end up telling it to other people except my close friends. =_=
you're still lucky, kid. don't mess with me anymore or i'll sue you.

*sigh* i'm bored. so bored.
and yea, i still demanding for a guitar. i want it. but my mom doesn't take it seriously.
i seriously want a guitar! hm.... anybody wanna give it to me as my birthday present this month?
if you do, I swear i'll love you forever! huhu... :D
no one? so sad. nobody loves me... uhuk. :'(  (LOL)

uh... i guess, i have to be patient. just wait and see. :\
*sigh* jaa. bye2...

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