19 February 2011

Live Journal! :D

Hello everyone!!! i'm so happy right now!
hehe~~ because, I just made a Live Journal account! yey! and after this maybe.... i will... stop using blogger? nah! i won't! i love my blogger more... *muahx* o(^ω^o)
and not just because of that. the more important is, i have a lot of friends in here. i'm so happy to be in here. even though there's so many people that didn't even know me, i will be so happy if you're reading and comment on my entries.
thanks for all your supports until now. and of course, thanks to my best friend who help me with this blog when i first knew about this site. thank you so much!
and why does it sound like i'm doing a speech ofter taking some award? LOL. XDD
don't mind me and my craziness! just don't mind it okay? huhu.
owh, and if you want to search me on Live Journal, just click here. and that's my site. (^ω^)

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