19 February 2011

Homemade Lipbalm!!! XD

hello guys! yo! how are you doing?? haha!
I'm currently craving for a pizza! anyone cares to treat me? *sobs*
and i'm currently listening to ViViD songs after going crazy for DBSK(old) and The Gazette. but i still love them..okay? don't get me wrong. i miss the old DBSK. don't you? do you even know them??? owh, sorry than.

actually, i don't have much idea how to write this entry. i love writing but it seems like my mind doesn't going right. =_=

okay. back to the topic. it's about a homemade lip balm...yey~
i guess, many of girls out there love to use lip balm right? it can moisturized your lips.
there are so many kinds of lip balm nowadays. many designs have been made for these lip balms.
i'll show some of the pictures.
E.O.S, and Majex Majolica Majorca (i love this one because it has honey which is really good for your lips)

can we eat this? lol. it's a lip balm and of course you can eat them. but, do you dare to eat it all at once? :P

but all of those lip balms up there are manufactured by er... factory? i don't know but still, we have to buy it at the store. right? ^^
okay, let me teach you how to make your own lip balm at home!
all you need to do is:
1. you must have Vaseline (can be found in pharmacies)
2. eyeshadow (to add color. but you can replace it with your lipstick)
3. a container for mixing the lip balm mixture
4. a clean contact lens case or any container that you want (to store the lip balm you've made)

first, all you need to do is take a bit of the Vaseline and eyeshadow (color of your choice) put them together in a container.
then, if you're using a microwave heating container (i don't know the exact word. >.<), it would be great enough. just go and put the mixture in the microwave for about 2-3 mins? i don't know. huahuahua. i just use my hair dryer which it helps a lot. :P
after that, you could see that the mixture have melted and easy to work with. just mix them together throughly. (i'm getting dizzy with the words. hope that you'll understand. >A<)
finished? done mixing them? now, come to the "hardest" part ever!
you have to place the mixture in an actual container to store the lip balm. then go to the fridge, put the mixture in there, wait for about 15-30 mins until it's froze. took it out and....it's DONE! 
you can use it in your daily life time~
if my explanation wasn't good enough, just go to Youtube and watch it by yourself. haha~
Good Luck! o(^w^o)

below is the lip balm that I've made by myself~


looks the same huh? but it's not.
the one on the right is made by only Vaseline and eyeshadow.
but on the left, i made it using Vaseline, eye shadow and chocolate flavor essence. it smells yummy~! (>w<)
after this i want to make lip balm using honey and cocoa powder too. huhuhu~


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