11 February 2011

Just Made A Tumblr acc, and...

hello guys!!! yo! *jumping up and down*
I'm kinda happy right now!
okay! now i have a tumblr account. not a big deal~
this is gonna be a really short post!
I promised! yeah!
just look at the picture below~~~
i found that in Tumlr!
it made my day! is this true??? was that status update of JJ true?
kyaaa!!! i'm so happy! YunJae~~ >w<
owh, before i forgot,
Happy Belated Birthday for Yun n Jae~
AKTF! i believe that both of you will be together again one day~
huhu... jaa! ^^

2 Cassies' Talking:

ColourMeJei said...

I added you on tumblr ^^ I hope it was you anyway xD

Unknown said...

owh? o.o
er...i hope so...

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