22 February 2011

Cinderella = Heechul?? XD

What do you think? (>w<)
he really looks like a girl right??? cute right???
the third picture really shows his cute face lerr!!! XD
omo! i love him so much! ahahaha!!!
p/s: i just started to love SuJu right now...because, i don't want to cry anymore. ^^
watching SuJu makes me laugh like there's no tomorrow! lol! XD
glad that there's still SuJu to heal my sadness. :)

4 Cassies' Talking:

Sis said...

sangaatt setuju dgn akk!

Unknown said...

hehe~ XD

Anonymous said...

He looks better than me

Unknown said...

@Heartkey : >.<

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