06 February 2011

Why am i crying so hard over a fanfic???!!!

hello guys. konbanwa. :)
how do you do? i'm fine thanks.
but today weather is just too hot for me. i hate hot weather. =_=
and my stomach hurt so much it makes me wanna vomit. urgh.

urm... have you ever read a fanfic? a story written by fans about their favorite artist life? i mean, it's a fake story. but, whatever. have you read it? you should try and read it sometimes. huhuhu...
recently, i was so into DBSK. i love them! i miss them damn so much! i want them to come back soon! i want them to be together again!
i always watch videos about them on Youtube. i love them more and more.
and of course, guess what? i'm a YunJae fan too. :3
i love YunJae forever! YunJae is Real! i believe that! i gonna believe that forever!
i will always support them no matter what!
you know how i suffered for about 2 weeks without the internet? how i can't watch their videos? it hurts! my heart hurt so much! i really miss them!

and just yesterday, i read a fanfic about them. (it's YunJae actually)
the story was so good at the beginning, but it ended with a sad ending! and you know what??? I cried so hard over it! it makes me missed them even more now!
can you believe that??? it's just a fanfic! but i cried so much like it was the truth!
i miss them so much my heart aches! help me!
i know, DBSK fans, all of them, including me, really miss them so much it hurts!
i hate SM! i hate SM so much for doing this to them! i want them to be together again!
i couldn't help myself but to cry when i watch their videos. they were so happy back then in old days... i could see there was happiness in their eyes back then.
but now, i didn't see that kind of eyes anymore. i can't find the happiness in their eyes anymore. it's dull. i know, they were suffering too.
but what we can do right now is, pray for them so that they will be together again.
always keep the faith! always support them forever! never let your hope down!
DBSK will be together again one day!!! keep on believing! never give up!!!


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