02 February 2011

When A Skull Started To Look Like A Candy...

yes! it turn to become SKULLCANDY! XD

Hello everyone!!! how are you doing?
i'm fine thanks. but I'm in a mood to boycott everybody that make me angry over them. ^_^
don't mess with me babe~ i won't tell you that i hate you. but i'll just delete you or just make a new life (account) without telling you~ i did that already... huhu. :)
okay, i don't want to bring bad omen in here. it's bad. really bad if my mood changed.

as you (don't) know, i really love headphones. instead of wearing earphone, headphone is better to me and it's COOL! :D
when i browse some headphones at the store, i saw so many types of headphone. and i like almost all of them! o.o
the price is around RM25-RM40.
I bought a Mix-Style headphone for only RM25. lucky me they have promotions at that time! :D
the first Mix-Style headphone i bought was broken (split into two. >_<").
then i went to the mall, i saw another Mix-Style headphone that i really like. if before this i bought the red color, now i bought the white color. cool! :D
it's the same as the one that Shou's wearing in his photoshoot~
spot the headphone? :D
huahuahua... i'm a sick person. huks.
but whatever it is, i really love this headphone. :3

owh, about Skullcandy! yea, it's a headphone brand.
it has a lot cool design! i saw it on their main website and i fell in love with the headphones. (*~*)
wanna buy it but... it's kinda expensive. >.<
uh... better save the money till my current headphone is broken again. haha.
owh! the website! just go to www.skullcandy.com
there you can browse all of their products and of course, their cool headphones! >:D

erm..... i guess, that's all for today.
i'm sleepy already. haha.
jaa! ^^

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