01 June 2010

Cute and Pretty Acc.~

Hm...This maybe a second time I'm going to wrote about fashion or something girlish... xD
As you know, I really love Gothic Lolita fashion. They're awesome and so beautiful too.
Below are some example of the accessories that I took from FanPlusFriend but some are not. it's cute, pretty, gorgeous and also expensive. Haha.

this ring looks elegant right? i hope that I could have this ring.
pretty~ x3 

here comes the mini top hat~ it's mini. so, it is a small little hat. :3
back at school i have a friend, he's a boy. NOT MY BOYFRIEND! Just, he's a boy, and he's a friend! okay? D:<
he asked me something when he saw my drawing where a girl, a lolita styled girl wearing a mini top hat on her head.
he asked, "hey, how did you put the hat on your head? it's too small..."

the answer is, if the hat has a long ribbon attached to it, you just tie the ribbon below your chin or any other ways that you like. ^^"
if it doesn't included with anything that could make you put the hat on your head, you just have to attach the ribbons or hair band by yourself.
sometimes, they used hair pins. but I don't quite sure.

huh... a very long description huh? I know~ xD

okay, as you can see the picture on top,
not a real crown of course. :)
it has two long ribbons attached to it.
came with 5 different colors.
how to wear it?? D:
a crown can't be worn on your legs right?? think by yourself! Dx

cute right? ^^
I really love those bags~
it's the same design but have two colors.
i prefer the black one.

 Fanplusfriend also have so many items for anime lovers like us~ x3
yea, a shopping bag.
but don't you dare to use it to put fishies or meaties in there! D:<
Treat it nicely. ^^

BYE2! :D

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