03 June 2010

When will the war ends?

~Gundam Seed Destiny Soundtrack~
~:-Fields of Hope-:~
by: Rie Tanaka

Beneath a veil so cold and deep,
I watched you as you deeply sleep
The melody of prayer; on the lonely fields,
a little light shone

I watched as you dreamed
You laughed like a child
So dear, and yet so far -
That is the promise of our future

That one day, on a green morning,
One day, we will make it there
Because in this wintered sky
We still believe
Fields of Hope

On the day we were born, we were embraced
And now we search for those gentle hands again
The melody of prayer; one vanishes,
And all begins again; a powerful, painful continuation

One day, to that green morning,
We'll cross through all these nights
Because that is the place each one of us searches for

Now, within my own heart,
I want to keep you warm
So dear, and yet so far -
In the name of peace
Fields of Hope

So dear, and yet so far -
The fields of promise
Fields of Hope
Fields of Hope

with the feelings from this song,
it keep on reminding me of those unfortunate people out there.
war keeps on torturing their lives.
thousands of people dying and starving.
tons of bombs and bullets keeps on killing their families and relatives,
their friends, all died in front of their eyes.
they're gasping for fresh air in air full of smokes.
smells of blood is everywhere.
they're hiding but still keeps on been killed.
when other children laughing and enjoy their day with their families,
those children out there were crying and keeps on calling for their dead families.

where is the peace?
when will this war stop?
when will we can see and watch children playing on a field with full of smiles on their face?
why does rich people out there didn't do anything?
'cause they only think about their business with those villains out there!
they're stupid but greedy!
they're weak but selfish!

there's some people said about those unfortunate people,
"those people are so stupid! can't they just send their children outside of the country and let them study on how to save their country?".
yes, that can help their country.
but how did they wanted to get out from there?
don't you see how the villains control their life??
can't you??
think before you talk like a genius!

for all of us, pray to God.
Pray for them.
Pray so that they can find the way to win against those devils.
let us hope that they can live much more better than this.
let us hope for their happiness on this world and the day here after.


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