09 June 2010

I'm so Jealous with You, :(

hm... it's not about love okay. it's all about what you can have, but i can't have it at all! T^T
as i say, i'm an 18. i'm not a small kid anymore. i wanna act just like other teenagers do. i wanna some freedom.
i feel so jealous when even a high schooler could buy this and that. but not me. they can buy make up, but i can't! I'm a teenager! but i can't do what they can! i can't even do things that i want to do!
just take the negative things into a trash. it's not what i meant in here.
they can buy bags that they want. any bags. but i can't! they can buy anything! but why can't i buy anything for myself too?? why?? because i had no money? because i don't have any job yet?? so, do you think that a school girl who can buy this and that have their own job?? of course not! but they can have what they want. not like me.
why? why? why?

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