04 June 2010

Lolita Styles~ ^^

Hi guys... it seems kinda boring to stay at home doing nothing except sitting in front of my laptop. *sigh* =_=
as what the title says, I just wanna share some pictures about Lolita fashion.
There's 16 types of Lolita styles. but i will only wrote some of my favorite styles:
  1. Gothic Lolita
  2. Guro Lolita
  3. Kuro Lolita
  4. Wa Lolita
  5. Punk Lolita
yea, only five of them that i really like the most.
If you want to know more about another 11 types of Lolita styles, just go to:
Lolita Fashion.org. there you can get all the information about Lolita styles.







yay! xD


...saigo ni...

Alice Nine desu~! >:D

~----THE END----~

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