04 June 2010

I've found it!!

At last! I knew what is the name of this shop at Berjaya Times Square that sold Gothic Lolita fashions... ^^
I'm so excited! i wanna go there and take a look around the shop and buy something.
So, the price started from rm100 huh? I guess, it's a not a big deal.
hahaha! not that i'm so rich duh. >_>
When i have my own money, I will definitely buy it! yosh! ^^
I really crave for it~ I want it now... can I? T^T
No, definitely not. If I ask my father for at least rm500 to buy the costumes and accessories, he will slap me for sure. =_=
So, wait until you have your own money.
okay, Mika?
but when is that??
I have to study in a college for about 3 years!
and when is that time for me to get my own money?? oAo
after 3 years?? waaaa!!! T-T
that hurts me a lot...

whatever it is, i'll just try my best.

2 Cassies' Talking:

sherah said...

mika!wahh minat gothic ke dik???cool!

Unknown said...

@sherah: yep!! :D
i really love it!! xD

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