19 June 2010

A True Friendship... ^^

this blogger has become so quite. no updates by anyone, or... is it my internet problems or what? or maybe I'm just the one who have so many free time? yea, maybe. but, when 26/6 comes, i won't be in here anymore~ goodbye my friends... haha!
hm... why did I strikethrough the word "goodbye"? cuz, i remember when the last day of school, I said to my friends, "never say goodbye. ok? we'll meet again someday. don't ever forget each other".
but, whatever it is, we still have to hold on our faith to God that we don't know when will we meet our life span and for that, we will pray for each other, if this friendship is full with sincerity and honesty, we believe that we will meet again in the next world. May God bless us all...Amin.

Nothing is more wonderful than a true friendship.

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