07 June 2010

So pretty!! *w*

hello! hehe... hope that you guys have a very nice day!
hm...i just can't seem to be happy nowadays. since i left my school, everything's change. haha! Jiwang la plak tb2! xD
hehe... okay, forget about that.
I've been wandering through the internet, searching for bags and other accessories just for fun. because, even if i wanted to buy it, i can't until i have my own money. *sigh* how long it gonna be? =_=
well, I've found something...no, a brand that really suite my taste. that is, Juicy Couture. haha. i'm not an up-to-date-person when it comes to fashion. not that i don't like fashion, just that, my mom always says, "stop being a fashionista when you're still a student! buy anything like makeup or handbags or whatever when you have your own job and have your own money. just like me."
duh. what a headache.
okay, I'll stop talking about those craps.
i just wanna show some of my favorite Juicy Couture bag's designs that i really like it when i was searching in the internet. ^w^ not mine. just pictures from internet. i found it and i wanted to buy it if i have my own money...




whoah!!! all of it was so pretty and...and...cute!! xD
OMG! i will feel very happy if there's someone want to give me one of those bags as a present! hehe.. x3
hepinye aku kalo ade yg nk bg... =w=
is there anyone want to give me one of those bags? is there?
huhu... I'm not asking it from you. but from my family. i will definitely ask them to buy me one. especially my dad! force him!
but he's too stingy! force my mom is okay. haha! xD
okay, that's all for now...
see ya! bye2!

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