06 June 2010

I really need that thing!!! Dx

huh... i thought that, today my cousin will come here and we'll go buy my mom's cellphone at Low Yat Plaza. but, she doesn't call me or send me any text message about that. T^T
I really want to look around and buy a Wacom Graphire! i really need that!!!
but, can i? it costs almost RM300 or if the cheapest one is RM100. T^T
i really want it~
ugh...what?? you ask me to go with my father instead of my cousin?!
NO WAY! sorry for that but he's always in bad mood and i don't know what makes him like that! it stress me out! i didn't do anything wrong but he's so hard to figure out! pergh! i rather go with my mom. but i don't know where is Low Yat Plaza... T-T pity isn't it? hm...
maybe i just have to wait. but i really need that Wacom no matter what!

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