11 June 2010

Polymer Clay tutorial.

i believe that all of you have saw an accessories looks like food, right?
not just food. but also other things like...:

maybe of you already know about this. but some other didn't know about it. so, I wrote this for those who don't know. xD


These tutorial is perfect for those who intrested in crafts and cute things. x3
also, if you have a craft store in this blogger, you can try making this as your one of your products. instead of buying the premade one, it's always better to make it by yourself.
all of this tutorial is using a polymer clay. i believe that even in Malaysia will have this clay sold in any art stores. but i'm not sure of that yet. xP

 How to make a kiwifruit cane~


Citrus orange fruit cane tutorial... actually, i hate orange. xP

oh, rainbow candy cane! familiar huh? xD

chocolate bon-bon!! yummy! 0w0

great for summer! ice cream~

chocolate cookies~

and lastly~
Cake made of scrap clays. don't waste your scrap clays. be creative. :3

have fun! xD

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