03 June 2010

Nail Art Tutorials~

yeah! one more entry for girls out there...hehe...
some of you maybe hate/dislike this kind of stuff.
don't worry, this is not about drugs or anything dangerous okay...!
I've been watching videos on how to do nail art. but i really love Japanese nail art. it's cute, hime-looking, gorgeous, and somehow elegant. i love it~ ^w^
i really hope that i can have those nail arts on my own fingers~
haha! but if i do so, my father will kill me for sure.

last night i was watching some tutorial on how to do a Japanese nail arts.
not night actually. it's morning when i watch the videos~ haha... now i'm sleepy.

okay! i will place a tutorial down here. this tutorial have 4 videos actually. but i'm gonna place only one video in here. just watch the rest of them in Youtube.
It's in Japanese language though. no subs, so, just watch it. haha...

That's it, Japanese nail arts tutorial. those nail arts are simple looking huh?
yea, i know. and using so many rhinestones and blinkies too.
I'm searching for the real crazy design of Japanese nail art and it's tutorial. but i couldn't find any. =_=
what i found is the pictures~

laced. nice huh? i really love this one! ^^

black and pink!! my favorite colors! xD

pretty and cute right? ^^

this reminds me of mixed fruit smoothies... yummy! >w<

this pictures aren't mine. i took it as an example for this post.
you can buy those design at Kawaii Nails.
but some of the designs up there are not available anymore.

I'll add another tutorial (not by me ^^) later
that's all for now

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