05 June 2010


Waaa!!! I'm so excited!! Maybe I will take back everything that I said or critics about Kuroshitsuji II/Monoshitsuji~ xD
Yea...My yaoi-fangirl mode has gone up to it's limit! Nya~ >w<
o_O What are you looking at?? Stop staring or making weird-looking face!
I've told you in 'All About Me' page on my blog about my interest right?
Read it once again if you don't know about my interest~ nya~
Okay, enough for the nonsense...
I just wanna show yer a picture on Monoshitsuji. A new picture that i've found on a site called, Project Cottontail.

LMAO~ >:3

Cute isn't it? xD
Oh my, oh my!! hahaha!! seriously, I can't stop laughing. >w<
One of my friend said that Alois looks kinda gay...
Haha! Yea, I think so. But, most of the fans really love his face.
Wanna know why?
huhu... Don't wanna tell ya. xP

But I'm still gonna feel so sad because I will never met,
*starts fantasizing*
handsome, sexy, cool, and hot Sebastian-san anymore...
Oh my, what is this feeling?
I felt so embarrassed to say those words~ xD
but, it's the truth! >:3

go and get something to hold yourself before you fainted because of this picture.
oh, wait. you've fainted?? don't blame me~ xD

not to forget about Ciel...
so sad. T^T
I wish I was there to save you from the evil angel! D:<
Why can't I enter the world??!! ;;;oAo;;;
I love your outfits.
A very awesome and gorgeous kodona outfit that I ever saw!

Who doesn't love he's costumes?? put your hands down! >:)
Who doesn't love it? Moreover for a person like me who adores Gothic Lolita so much! >w<

okay, I'm sleepy~ =w=
I guess, that's all for now...
I wanna sleeo a bit early today. that is, on 12:20 a.m. xD
is that early? for me, yes. >3
okay, that's all for now. see ya!

2 Cassies' Talking:

H0shi said...

well said!
i think Monoshitsuji is worth watching - there's also this seiyuu fanservice too (Sakurai and Mizuki)! And some bishies! The animation is great, and the plot sure is interesting and unique ^^

~Mika Darkness~ said...

yes2! i totally agree with you. x3
it's just that, i can't see Sebastian and Ciel anymore... T^T
so sad...

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