27 February 2011

Yesterday Is a Great Day! :D

hello guys! it's been a longtime time since my last update ne? uh... maybe. huhu

as you know, yea, i'm still so into SuJu right now. i want to forget sad news!
but... you know what... i became so shocked+happy+sad+miserable+dying when i heard a news, which is... JYJ, is coming to Malaysia.......*DIED*
*wake up* on 30 April?! *shocked* *DIED once again*
*wake up again* WTFH?! waaaaa!!!!!! i wanna cry!!!! i absolutely can't go to KLIA to see them arrive at here!!! (T^T) just if my father is a sporting guy... and if he approved me to go.... i will surely go there! even though it means i have to go there alone!
i really want to know where they will held a concert. and what time... but... if i know more than the news i got, i guess....i will seriously die. (T_T) i can't even go to see them. it's hurting me. but seeing them also makes me hurt. :'(
just....maybe... just forget about it....forget...forget.... i can't. (T___T)

erm.... yea, we've started with a sad news. now... it's time for a happy news. :')
as you know, 23 feb is my birthday... huhu... (are you trying to show off??) lol.
but me and my friend celebrate it yesterday. haha. what a belated birthday party am i had? XD
it's not that big party. just, we go on an outing, i have my hair cut once again... haha. :P
and...we eat at Secret Recipe. o my god sun! i really love it there! and... oh. i didn't order any cake for my birthday lol. but... it's okay. the food that we eat is much more enough than a slice of cake. lol. (i really miss it right now. -_-)

yesterday, i had a food that was so... mmm~~~ YUMMY! the name is Chicken Cordon Bleu. sounds like Italian food. huhu... i don't know how to explain how does it looks like. but a picture can. :D
 Chicken Cordon Bleu! :D
it's cheese wrapped with the chicken meat. yum! (>w<)
and... i had my cappuccino ice-blended drink...huhu... :9

and my friend, she's having a dish that... i don't even know the name lol.
but it some kind of black pepper grilled chicken and some rice. the rice taste so wonderful! so delicious! x9
my friend doesn't order any other special drink. she only drink 7-UP. huhu...

haha. what a great day was yesterday... :3
i ate something that i never ate before. XP
whatever. haha!
hm.... now... i feel so dizzy.
sorry for any language n grammar mistakes.
i'm feeling really dizzy right now. @_@
have to rest.

2 Cassies' Talking:

Anonymous said...

JYJ! Your so lucky! That chicken meat looks good but unhealthly

Unknown said...

yea. lucky. but i can't go and see them. =_=
haha. yea. it's good. i know. but this is the first time in 3 or 4 months i ate something like this. and i eat at lunch time, but i wasn't hungry until night. so, i don't have to eat dinner anymore. :)

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