19 May 2010

Anime or Cartoon?

hm.... what should i do now? *sigh* it's getting boring and boring. everyday is the same. gaaahhh!! what am i talking about?? hm... i'm just too bored. i guess, i wanna go and and watch anime right now. haha...

er... talking about anime, i do believe that there's so many people will said that, "eh...cartoon?? no way! c'mon, be an adult! cartoon is for children only...". hey, pls... i'm talking about the japanese animation (sorry but i hate the word, 'CARTOON' or 'KARTUN' when it comes to Anime), not a Malaysian cartoons! i bet, now, even a 10 year's-old kid will never watch them for example; Bola Kampung, or Keluang Man. they prefer to watch something like Naruto, Shin Chan, Doraemon, and many others.

if you want to compare the Malaysian cartoons with the Japanese or English animations, nah! Malaysian cartoons are much more cheeeaaaaperr than Japanese or English animations! why am i saying it's cheaper? because they're stingy and don't want to spend too much money on something that only children will watch. then, why does Japanese animation can attract so many people? even people above 20 year's-old love to watch it? cuz they make it wholeheartedly! their anime was beautifully done. the movement of the characters looks real, and when it comes to do the voice of the anime characters, they know how to enhance their voice.

okay, dubbing. i don't like dubbed anime. it's okay if the voice was good. but, most of the dubbed anime are not good enough. moreover, if it was dubbed into Malaysian language. ergh! what can i say is, "eeeewww!". that's it. the mood of the characters has changed so much! if the character was supposed to be angry, it has ruined by the Malaysian dubbing artist! it will become so flat and don't have any feelings in their voices! if i was there in the dubbing studio, i swear, i will take a knife and cut their throat, and say "is that all you have as a dubbing artist??!! just shut up and get lost!".

I'm not saying that i hate Malaysian language. it's my language anyway. what i'm about to say is how worst is the Malaysian dubbing artist are. maybe some of you will say that, "hey, who are you to complain about them?". I will proudly say that, I am an Anime fan! so what?? huh! this makes me sick!

okay, i will stop complaining now. lastly, want to say congratulation to the Les' Copaque group. 'Upin dan Ipin' is a cartoon that they produce, and it was great. they have made a movie for this cartoon called "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula!" or in English, "Geng: The Journey Begins!" is the one and only Malaysian cartoon that has been shown in the cinema. It's the best Malaysian cartoon ever! Congratulation once again. hope that Malaysian animation industries will keep on improving their qualities... that's all for today.

2 Cassies' Talking:

teha said...

agree!! stju sgt2...huhu..dubbing part tuh pn stju..x suke..suara dorg dgr cm lawak and mood original dia hilang..
blh ckp,malaysia dubbed is not great...

Anonymous said...

I've never watched any Malaysian cartoons but I'm pretty sure there are some good ones out there. Need a new anime to watch eh...Durarara is a good one. I just started watching it. Its pretty weird but good.


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